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Is it safe?
Saturday 19th July 2014 @ 14:07 by Anna Fletcher
Poet's Corner

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I’m a credit dinosaur my feet stuck to the ground
My money in my pocket no plastic on me found
I hear of all the fraud and grief these credit cards do cause
The banks all say that they are safe, the problem is all yours

We swiped and signed our money away, now we chip and pin
To our dismay our bill arrives, we find there’s not much in
I didn’t buy that TV there, that fridge or fancy coat
A quick phone call, to the bank, and several letters wrote

“It’s not our fault the systems sweet the card can’t be cloned”
“I live up north and not down south” protest and at them moaned
“The goods were all bought miles away I’ve never been down there”
“The bills all yours, get it paid” we know the banks don’t care

I’m glad I am a dinosaur my pocket full of cash
The worry that those cards do bring will only cause a rash
At least this way my moneys safe, and in my pocket hugged
With all that money on me now I hope I don’t get mugged.

Paul Broadhurst.