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Friday 4th July 2014 @ 13:31 by Anna Fletcher
Poet's Corner

quill (2)

One step upon another and the walk to work is ended,
One coat next to another all on hangers colours blended,
A visit and a scrub of hands now there’s no time to lose,
On wing-ed feet we glide across the black tiled kitchen floor,

We are not disheartened by the work that is in store,
The challenge we face each day are things that must be done,
And if one smiles we always find the job is much more fun.

The mountain which consists of tins all shapes and very high,
Is deftly cleared by speedy hands that get them all wiped dry.
We find that like an orchestra we all have parts to play,
Conducted by cook with finesse gets a good tune every day.
The motto out our kitchen could be endeavor and achieve,
For only when we’re satisfied we’ve done our best-we leave.

Gorse Hall School Kitchen Staff.
Combined total of service in school meals 104 years.

Poem was found several years ago by K. Dodd.