Eric the Elephant.
Saturday 12th July 2014 @ 13:51 by Anna Fletcher
Poet's Corner

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Eric the elephant had a long trunk,
And one day he decided to get drunk.
When the landlord was looking the other way,
Into the cellar Eric did stray.

In the cellar he had no fear,
And he put his trunk into a barrel of beer.
When he had drunk the barrel dry,
Another one he did try.

When he had drunk all the barrels bare,
His head did spin and his eyes did stare.
He made his way back up the stairs,
And staggered over the tables and chairs.

He staggered across the floor.
And stumbled through the exit door.
He’d all that drink and it didn’t cost him a penny,
It’s a good job, for money he didn’t have any.

There was no booze left for any others,
None for the men, women, sisters and brothers.
The landlord shourted ‘Eric I’ve marked your card,
From now on, all elephants are barred.’
Eric had been a cad and a louse,
That’s why you no longer see elephants in a public house.

Les White.