Female Icon.
Monday 21st July 2014 @ 14:11 by Anna Fletcher
Poet's Corner

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In a list of female icons
Most would list her first
Fearless feminist,
Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst

If she’s not at the top she certainly won’t be far The showbiz queen, the original superstar Bonnie and beautiful from her head to her toe The incomparable Norma Jean, Miss Marilyn Monroe

What about the woman who rose to the top, achieved the highest political stature Not to everybody’s taste but it would be rude not mention ‘Iron Lady’ Thatcher

Okay, a bit controversial and if that didn’t please ya Who could argue with the tender, kind hearted Mother Teresa

Not for me though. I met my favourite female icon stuck in traffic in a grotty northern tunnel I was taken aback from the luscious blonde hair Of the one and only Miss Sally Gunnel

Jamie Hutchinson.