Kids go quackers over new school starters.
Friday 6th June 2014 @ 11:30 by Anna Fletcher
ducksAldwyn Primary School pupils and staff in Audenshaw have been going quackers over some surprise visitors.A duck and her 12 ducklings have been waddling around the school courtyard after making the school their new home.

The duck was first spotted hiding under a bush where she had decided to nest, even though the courtyard is used for classes including cheerleading.

Teaching Assistant Tina Eastwood said: “I just think it’s fantastic and it’s lovely because it’s a nice area out there which we use.

“We’ve had birds in because we’ve got birdfeeders there, but to have a wild duck and her chicks is wonderful.”

Staff believe she may have been attracted to their wildlife roof and chose the courtyard as she was seeking a safe place to nest. She has now been named Winnie after the Aldwyninans.

Representatives from the RSPCA have visited and are happy with Winnie’s choice as it is a reasonably safe place.

However, sadly three of the ducklings have disappeared and staff believe they have probably been taken by a resident crow that has lived at the school for years.

Tina said: “When he flies across, they all freeze, it’s like musical statues and then she takes them under her wings until he’s gone.”

Since finding the family, the school have added a paddling pool into their courtyard and took a trip to buy some food to feed them each day.

Over the school holidays a timetable was put together for people to go in and make sure they are ok.

Staff say it has been educationally fantastic for the children.
Recently youngsters learnt about chicks that hatched from eggs at the school and just two days after they left that the ducks made their first appearance.

Teaching assistant Karen Thomas said: “It’s great for the children because they know that they’ve got to be cleaned and fed.

“It’s good because if they have pets at home mum and dad may do it all and they get the nice bit of maybe taking the dog for a walk whereas now they can see that more goes into it.”