Threatened to Blow Up Police.
Tuesday 29th April 2014 @ 15:30 by Anna Fletcher

A Tameside man who threatened to blow up police just like killer Dale Cregan has been handed a suspended jail sentence by Tameside magistrates.

Andrew Earith, 33, of Market Street, Hyde, appeared before the court to face three charges relating to an incident on April 3 this year.

He was charged with behaving in an indecent manner, making references to police killer Dale Creegan and threatening to blow up officers with a grenade.

He also made reference to the officers’ deceased colleagues, according to the charge showing a complete disregard for

He was also charged with threatening or abusive behaviour, directed at two police officers, plus assaulting an officer in the execution of his duty.

He was given a six weeks jail sentence suspended for 12 months.

He was also ordered to pay £85 court costs and an £80 victim surcharge and must attend a treatment programme for alcohol dependency.