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On target for Team GB!
Sunday 13th April 2014 @ 10:19 by Lisa B

A mum and daughter who lost seven and a half stones between them are celebrating a new lease of life.

Now they are looking forward to a future that this time last year seemed like mission impossible.

TEAMWORK: Mum and daughter Rose and Hazel and dog Gypsy, who is suddenly getting plenty of walks. PICTURE by RICHARD EATON

TEAMWORK: Mum and daughter Rose and Hazel and dog Gypsy, who is suddenly getting plenty of walks.

For in two years time, Hazel Chaisty could be with the GB Archery team in Rio, competing in the Paralympics.

While pensioner mum Rose Clegg will probably be doing even more long distance walking.

Things looked bleak for Hazel 10 years ago when she lost her leg in a horrific motor bike accident.

She started comfort eating and this time last year she was a size 24.

But Hazel, 41, from Lambgates, Hadfield, decided to take control of her life and joined Joanne Reilly’s Weight Watchers class in Glossop’s Bradbury Community House.

She said: “I did want to turn my life around. Before the accident I was very active. I went running and cycling. I was determined to do something again.”

Hazel lost eight pounds in her first two weeks and Rose, who also lives in Lambgates, was so impressed she also joined  the club.

Since last June they have shed 106 pounds, which is seven and a half stones – with Rose losing four of them.

Hazel, married to Richard, now has two ambitions – to get down to a size 14, and climb on the plane to Rio with her bow and arrows.

She said: “I was looking for a sport I could do and thought of archery. I tried it and really enjoyed it.”

It led to Hazel joining the Gold Crest Archery Club in Hyde.

In February she spotted an advert asking for disabled women to try out for the GB Team.

“I called the number and was invited for a first stage trial down at Lilleshall (National Sports Centre),” she said.

“I passed through to the next stage, and I am down there again this weekend.”

Pass that and Hazel is almost certain to be accepted for squad training and a possible passport to Brazil in 2016.

“I feel like a new woman,” said Hazel.

“But I could not have done it without Joanne, her meetings and of course, mum.”

It’s a similar story from Rose who walks her dog Gypsy from Hadfield to Glossop and back, three times a week.

“I’m so proud of her,” said Rose, whose weight  has plummeted from 15s 10lbs to 11st 6lbs, and who now wants to lose another 10 pounds.

We can reveal that mum and daughter have two, until now, secret vices. Rose just loves ice cream, whereas Hazel can’t resist chocolate.

But thanks to Joanne, and each other, the weight just keeps on coming off.