Working together the only way to tackle anti-social issues.
Saturday 22nd March 2014 @ 16:30 by Anna Fletcher

Instances of victim based crime has gone up by 146 in the whole of Tameside, the latest Ashton District Assembly meeting was told.

From December 2012 to February 2013 there were 798 instances of victim based crime in Ashton, but from December 2013 to February 2014 that number has risen to 944.

Inspector for the Ashton Neighbourhood Team, Emma Taylor, said: “Nationally, crime is going up, it is not just a Tameside picture.

“There are any number of motivations for people to commit crimes, but what we are seeing are some really challenging times ahead.

“There are fewer officers and police staff as the cuts continue to bite and so we had to ask ourselves how do we work with this.

“The only way is by working with the community and our partners.

“We really need to get people off the sofas and get them involved in this.

“Home watches, sending information on, community clean-up operations – there are a number of ways.

“My appeal here is to spread the word that we want to work more closely with people in the communities to make them a safer place.”

Instances of anti-social behaviour was down this year by one and Emma was eager to point out that anti-social behaviour is not something just connected with young people.

“In fact youth related anti-social behaviour decreased this year to 131 from 196 whereas cases of adult anti-social behaviour this year was at 468.

Emma continued: “Anti-social behaviour is proving to be a challenge for us, we had a
really busy summer last year, possibly due to the good weather.”

Chair of the Ashton District Assembly Cllr Joyce Bowerman said: “It’s a shame the numbers have gone up as our neighbourhood teams are working so hard to keep us safe.”

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