Walkers in water rescue
Thursday 13th February 2014 @ 10:42 by Lisa B

Two walkers were blown into a culvert by gale force winds and swept by the raging torrent under the Snake Pass.

MOUNTAIN DRAMA: The cauldron of water which the walkers fell in

MOUNTAIN DRAMA: The cauldron of water which the walkers fell in

The drama unfolded last Thursday afternoon as a group of ramblers  from Sheffield were on the moors at Upper North Grain just below the Snake Summit.

It’s believed the two middle aged walkers were somehow blown into the swollen mountain stream and down into the culvert.

Peter Jozefczyk, a member of the Glossop Mountain Rescue Team called to help paramedics, said: “They were carried through the culvert and under the A57.

“After being spat out at the other side, they were carried some distance down a steep cascade before finally coming to rest.

“The current was very strong.”

Thirteen rescuers from Glossop and 10 members of Edale Mountain Rescue Team were mobilised at about 2.15pm.

They arrived to find the soaked to the skin walkers being treated.

Pater went on: “The conditions were terrible, torrential rain and gale force winds.

Mountain rescue teams at the scene

Mountain rescue teams at the scene

“Both the casualties were soaking wet and suffering from hypothermia.

“One lady in her fifties suffered head, chest and back injuries, including a fractured spine in the accident.

“After initial treatment by ambulance service crews and mountain rescue  team medics, one casualty was assisted back up to the road, while the more seriously injured walker was evacuated by stretcher.”

Both women walkers were taken by ambulance to the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield.

The alert had been sounded by one of the ramblers who managed make his way to the Snake Inn to raise the alarm.

Given the difficult of accessing and recovering two injured members of the group, Mountain Rescue support was requested.