Lego movie magic
Friday 21st February 2014 @ 10:30 by Nigel Skinner
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So here’s the problem, the rain is falling the wind is howling, no sorry, that’s the kids. What do you do with them through this terrible endless weather? What’s that, a film created entirely out of LEGO?

Sounds like a child’s dream (mine too as it happens). When an ordinary LEGO figure, is mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, he is recruited to join the quest to stop the evil Lord Business from gluing together the
universe and all that stands in it. Sounds pretty epic right? Well it was!

When I first heard there was a film in the making that was going to be completely made from LEGO, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

But best of all it lived up to all the hype. The story is
simple (after all it is a kids’ film).

We follow an ordinary
construction worker Emmet (Chris Pratt) as he becomes the hero, saving the whole of the LEGO world.

He meets a collection of familiar faces and voices that help him on his way to defeat the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell), one of those being the mystical leader of his quest
Vitruvius, and who better to play him than our old mate Morgan Freeman.

But enough about the voices and more about this madcap adventure. It was fantastic! What more can I say, I
honestly don’t think I stopped laughing throughout the entire 100 minutes it was a real blinder.

A great screenplay that just seemed to work, I felt like I was back on my bedroom floor playing with my toys.

The story just works using LEGO, a LEGO friendly story shall we say? It had a great family friendly plot with plenty to look at and at times you wonder how it was all made from just plastic blocks.

But these famous plastic blocks and characters don’t just come alive on their own; it took a mixture of talent,
patience and gallons of superglue to create this masterpiece; all woven together using the magic art of stop-motion animation, much like those old family friends Wallace and Grommit.

Even knowing how it was made still makes me wonder how they achieved it, just
astonishing. The cynical among us may say we’re looking here at a massive LEGO marketing ploy.

Well I’m sold! I’m off to buy myself the biggest set I can find!

As I previously mentioned the casting or should I say voicing is just faultless.

It’s great fun hearing all
those funny, famous actors voices put into little yellow figures.

With its all-star cast this film is bound to be a hit, but I think it deserves it. It’s funny (very funny) and puts a smile on you’re face, but most of all
its a great family film.

It’s an uplifting experience to hear a cinema full of families all-laughing to the sound of Morgan Freeman’s tender
tones via the medium of LEGO.

I really do urge you to get down to Cineworld and see this one. Don’t let the ‘U’ rating put you off; it’s just a bit of madness and fun for all ages. After all LEGO is a language we all speak.

Fraser Cottrell