Hurst Cross comes home
Wednesday 12th February 2014 @ 13:00 by Mark Phillip

Ashton’s Hurst Cross monument has made a return home as part of a refurbishment and road safety project costing £260,000.
The cross, inherited from the Victorians, is a well known landmark and has been cleaned and will be lit as part of the improvement project.
The monument was moved just a few yards and is proudly back, standing as it has since Hurst was originally a village, entirely separate to Ashton.
Ultimately, the project aims to improve an area where there have been 11 road accidents over the last five years.
The majority of the funding has come from the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership Award Fund.
The monument is set to be officially unveiled next Thursday and the area reopened.
As part of the ‘reopening’ ceremony a new time capsule will be placed in the structure to mimic a bottle placed there in 1868.

Hurst cross