De Niro and Stallone are just knockout
Sunday 2nd February 2014 @ 19:30 by Fraser Cottrell
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What do you get when you put Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro in a boxing ring
together? Two pensioners sloggin it out? No, a damn good film that’s what!
In this intriguing face-off, a pair of retired boxers are coaxed out of retirement 30 years after their last bouts, for the rematch that never was. Intrigued? You will be.
Ding, ding round one. We have the story. I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it, but I did. I really love a nice light film, something with a story that’s easy enough to watch, yet keeps you involved, and Grudge Match did just that.
Every film has its twist and turns and this film was no exception, but it did it so gracefully – it isn’t a heavy-
handed film but one you can really get your teeth into.
I felt like I knew the characters by the end of the film, the screenplay was so good.
There was such depth to these boxers that I found myself not knowing who I was rooting for come the final battle!
It could have been all about the ending, but it wasn’t. We saw the journey the characters took and the challenges that arose on the way, something I loved about this film.
But you know what? It was funny, I wasn’t expecting much on the comedy side, but this really did make me chuckle.
The jokes were as punchy as the characters themselves and each never failed to keep both me, and the rest of the audience amused.
I don’t think this film would have been half as funny without the inspired casting.
Most of the comedy hits come from Kevin Hart (Dante Slate Jr), who plays his part perfectly. And what of Stallone and De Niro! The two most revered pugilist actors in showbiz going head to head in a boxing ring, Rocky meets Raging Bull.
It had to come one day, and I for one am glad it did. But how they did what they did at their age, we’ll never know. What more could you ask for in a sporting themed film?
Having a mostly male cast I think we were all relieved to see Kim Basinger playing the love interest in the twisted love triangle between both boxers, and I’m pleased to say she did a great job.
With a wonderful cast and great script, this film is really onto a winner, a real knockout of a film. (That’s all the boxing puns folks)!
I really love a film you can enjoy with a friend and talk about on the way home and I think this one ticks that box. Being a boxing film I think it’s a good one for the lads but I wouldn’t be shocked if some of the ladies enjoyed it too.
So grab a big bag of popcorn, get comfy, sit back and relax while you watch a thoroughly entertaining story. Catch this one  down at your local Cineworld Ashton.
by Fraser Cottrell