Glossop partners adopt Mummy’s Star
Tuesday 25th February 2014 @ 12:09 by Lisa B
Martha Wallroth: Wishing for Mummy's Star

Martha Wallroth: Wishing for Mummy’s Star


A unique Glossop charity that brings hope and help to cancer victims UK-wide can now do even more.

Mummy’s Star, set up in memory of Mair Wallroth by husband Pete, has been awarded a £10,000 Awards for All grant by the Big Lottery Fund.

And Glossop-based Bakers Solicitors has just made Mummy’s Star its ‘charity of the year’.

All of which means support for  women
faced with the devastating discovery of being diagnosed with cancer in
pregnancy, or within 12 months of a birth, and their families.

Pete, from Hadfield, formed the  charity
in June last year, following the death of his wife, who passed away in December 2012, ten weeks after their son Merlin was born.

Mair had been diagnosed with breast cancer when 22 weeks pregnant.

It left Pete to look after Merlin and daughter Martha, now nearly five.

But he found time and the courage to set up a charity to  help those who find themselves in the same situation as the tragedy that hit his family.

Mummy’s Star is the first and only charity of its kind in the UK.

Awards for All England makes grants of between £300 and £10,000 to organisations and projects which improve
local communities and the lives of people most in need.

Pete said: “This funding is great news.

“Because we’re still a relatively new charity we’re using it to pay for materials which we’ll use to get word out about what we do and raise our profile, so that we can reach and help the right people all over the country.

PROUD MUM: Mair Wallroth with baby Merlin

PROUD MUM: Mair Wallroth with baby Merlin

“We need to produce things like information leaflets, clothing for people to wear during sponsored events, and
promotional items.

“Securing this funding to cover costs like these means that we can use the money which people work so hard to raise for us to directly help affected

The charity offers advice and information, grants and a support network to families.

Bakers Solicitors  has  already started supporting Mummy’s Star.

Two weeks ago we revealed that the winter ball it sponsored had raised £5,650.

All three partners of the firm were there and were so impressed and touched by the work of Mummy’s Star, they wanted to do more.

As a result Bakers decided to adopt Mummy’s Star as their Charity of the Year.

Partner David Parkes, said: “It is an honour to be able to continue to support this very worthy cause and help them raise lots of money so that they in turn can support women and their families during very difficult times.”

Bakers Solicitors will be working closely with the trustees of Mummy’s Star to work out ways in which they can help fundraise.

The cash flow will start with Team Bakers taking part in the Great Manchester Cycle on Sunday, June 29.

The firm have set up their own dedicated Just Giving Page.

If you would like to sponsor them for the ride, visit 

Bakers will also be selling Mummy Star wrist bands from their High Street West office.

by David Jones