Bypass study at last
Sunday 2nd February 2014 @ 09:00 by Max Wieland
CONGESTION: Mottram Moor traffic troubles remain firmly on the agenda.

CONGESTION: Mottram Moor traffic troubles remain firmly on the agenda.

A Government study looking at routes across the Pennines could ease congestion in Longdendale and make getting in and out of Glossop much quicker.

And that’s why it has been warmly welcomed by High Peak MP Andrew Bingham and his counterpart for Stalybridge and Hyde Jonathan Reynolds.

Both have been actively fighting for an end to the daily traffic nightmares and see a Longdendale Bypass as the
ultimate answer.

The study will look at options for new road investment to solve the long on-going traffic problems between Manchester and Sheffield.

Mr Bingham began pressing for a solution in 2010 when he was elected MP and had a private meeting with the Chancellor at 11 Downing Street.

The Government announced last year that there would be a feasibility study, but until now no further details had been announced.

The Department of Transport has now confirmed that work on the study will commence soon with a view to being completed towards the end of 2014 to coincide with the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

As part of the Government’s Action for Roads strategy, the study will look at congestion on the roads along the Trans-Pennine route (including the A57 and A628 in Mottram and Hollingworth) and try to identify potential solutions.

Mr Reynolds, welcoming the study as ‘a crucial first step’ towards relieving the congestion in the area, said: “I have always said that any solution to the congestion in Longdendale would have to involve a new road that bypasses
Mottram and Hollingworth.

“When I became MP in 2010 the Highways Agency had withdrawn their support for the proposed Mottram-
Tintwistle bypass, and I knew that the primary focus had to be on getting them to accept that there was a need for
significant investment in the area.

“I believe that the case for new investment in the area is indisputable, but the challenge was always going to be getting the Government to buy into that.”

He added: “This is a crucial first step to getting Government to support the investment that we need, and I am very pleased that we have managed to prevent the issue falling off the agenda for another generation.”

Mr Bingham said: “I’ve been pushing the case for a bypass ever since I was elected, pestering Ministers about it at every opportunity. So I’m glad that they’ve taken on board everything I’ve been telling them – that there’s a major problem here.

“Obviously I’d prefer an actual bypass, but we have to start somewhere.

“Although I and everyone in Glossop and the surrounding area knows there’s an urgent need for a bypass, we have to prove that need to the powers that be, and this feasibility study is a real chance to put that case.

“I want to assure Glossop motorists that, although it might sometimes seem like nothing much is happening, I am continually pushing the case down in Westminster. I will not rest.”

CONGESTION: Mottram Moor traffic troubles remain firmly on the agenda.

CONGESTION: Mottram Moor traffic troubles remain firmly on the agenda.