Apartments plan rejected
Wednesday 5th February 2014 @ 10:00 by Mark Phillip

An application to build 14 apartments in Mossley was refused at last week’s Tameside Council planning meeting, much to the delight of the objectors present.
The proposal was for two blocks of split level apartments, one on the corner of George and Hannover Street and a smaller block on the corner of Hannover Street and Stamford Road.
The site is already home to two apartment buildings and approval has
recently been given for two houses.
Despite this Cllr Idu Miah objected alongside one of his ward constituents, Sue McClelland, telling the panel that the apartments would impact on some residents’ views due to its five storey height.
He said: “We must take into account the town’s image and heritage.
“It is our legacy to continue to enjoy the views we have been accustomed to for a long time.
“I urge you to consider the fact it’s our heritage to maintain our views and stop this over development.”
Paul Judge, an architect for the application, spoke in its defence and said there was a need for more housing in the borough.
He told the panel of 12 councillors: “The application fits council policy and meets a need for new housing across the borough.
“We have spent a lot of time with the design and we have complied with all policy and guidelines.”
Despite Mr Judges’s reassuring tone, the Speakers Panel members voiced concerns to the planning officer present that the development raised concerns structurally due to the close proximity of a retaining wall.
Three members voted in favour of the development while the remaining eight councillors all voted to refuse the plan for a lack of details in regards to engineering.
However, it was not all bad news for those who are presently looking to build new homes in the hilly tops of Mossley.
Outline planning permission was given for the development of 17 new houses on the land formerly occupied by Prospect House.
The Stockport Road application was the first and only decision of the
Planning Meeting to be unanimously approved.