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Online campaigner calls for an end to fracking
Saturday 25th January 2014 @ 17:00 by Max Wieland

A Tameside resident has set up an online campaign calling for the controversial process of Fracking to be stopped.

The process of extracting shale gas from underground has sparked heated debate across the country with Glossop campaigners joining in the protests at Barton Moss in Salford.

Now Charlotte Hughes from Ashton has set up a petition calling on Tameside Council to object to the process and to prevent it from ever coming to the borough.

The process involves drilling down into the earth before injecting water at a high pressure to remove natural gas and has led to claims in the US of hazardous side effects.

“Fracking is quite possibly one of the most dangerous things ever invented to create energy,” said Charlotte.

“I know people from America who have suffered from it and I don’t want my children to be poisoned by it.

“The concrete gas wells underground are meant to take waste water which includes chemicals – they rarely do and could leak, getting into our drinking water.

“Those on the land will lose house value, air quality, land quality and no longer be able to farm. Where are they going to dump the waste?

“It is very dangerous and I can’t stress enough once you have started fracking there’s no going back.”

After fracking transformed the energy industry in America and Canada, calls for its introduction in Britain have grown as the country seeks to meet its fuel demands.

But Charlotte believes there are other ways to solve any energy problems.

“There is no proof it will lead to a reduction in the cost of bills,” she said.

“People will struggle to get insurance against earthquakes, sink holes and tremors.

“We could develop more sustainable energy such as solar and wind, but people don’t talk about them and won’t develop them because they are not

“Let’s educate people to use less energy. We don’t need everything to be switched on.”

Drilling firms have to apply for a licence to carry out the process.

“There is nothing good about it and I want to stop it before they start digging,” said Charlotte.

“I want to educate people now before it’s too late and it starts to happen.

“It is not a cheap option, it is a very, very scary option.”

Having almost reached her 600 signatures target it is hoped that, with help from Friends of the Earth and Frack Free, people will join in nationally.

“I want to take it to MPs and parliament and get a debate,” she added.

“The Green Party have supported me though and been very helpful, getting right behind me. I want to encourage more openness.”

If you want to sign the online petition visit https://you.38

 PROTEST: Some of the Frack Free Glossop group who joined protestors at Barton Moss, Salford to demonstrate against test drilling for shale gas.

PROTEST: Some of the Frack Free Glossop group who joined protestors at Barton Moss, Salford to demonstrate against test drilling for shale gas.