Not even DiCaprio can save this howler
Thursday 23rd January 2014 @ 19:18 by Fraser Cottrell
Film Reviews

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So Leonardo DiCaprio has another new film out. Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio), from his rise to money and fame in the stock market, to his fall into crime, corruption and conflict with the federal government.

Now, let me start off by saying I have been a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio for a while, his performance in Django Unchained was impeccable, but honestly, this film has knocked him down a peg or two in my book. I’m not one to moan about films, but I am one to say what I really think, so trust me when I say don’t believe all the hype. Going into this film after reading reviews trumpeting that this was the best piece of cinema ever seen, I had high hopes to say the least, but after the first hour those hopes had faded.

The story, well what story? The film is so disjointed I didn’t know where I was in the plot or for that matter if there was a plot. Weighing in at an amazing three hours in length you’d hope the story would grab you and keep you. Is that too much to ask from a 100 million dollar film? Instead I sat there waiting for the plot twists, I waited in vain. So I just waited for the end, and waited… and waited…The whole film lacked direction, it seemed to be going nowhere, as if the writers had just got a little carried away and forgot they had to end this thing. Finally, we were put out of our misery with a quick five-minute wrap up. What a relief! Some scenes don’t even make sense, they seemed like they could almost come from a different film, glued in there randomly with PVA. None of the story held my attention, and in a three-hour marathon that becomes a pretty serious issue.

Being rated 18 you can expect your fair share of swearing, sex and drugs but I did not expect what we got. From the word go we saw drug use and abuse, graphic sex scenes and a bewildering amount of swearing. I was shocked; shocked that something this gratuitous should be on public display. Perhaps the producer thought they’d throw this stuff in to make up for the weary plot. Well it didn’t. By the end of the film the sex scenes and nudity were mostly greeted with ‘Oh no not again’ from the very full cinema, (this was release day), and I think that speaks for itself.

But there were a few good points, it did look great, the visuals were just stunning and it did make me giggle now and again, thanks largely to the inspired casting of Jonah Hill. But even the humour fell woefully short with poor attempts at slapstick comedy by DiCaprio, I think they should leave that sort of thing to Norman Wisdom don’t you?

But as I always say, don’t take my word for it, go and see it for yourself and make up your own minds. Pop down to your local Cineworld this week to catch it, if you feel so inclined.

review by Fraser Cottrell