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Anchorman sequel weighs in with even more laughs
Thursday 23rd January 2014 @ 19:18 by Fraser Cottrell
Film Reviews


It’s finally here, the long awaited follow-up Anchorman 2. Being a big fan of the first film I was excited to see if the second made me laugh as much as the first and guess what? It did, and more!

It’s time for Ron to shine again as he and his crack news team reassemble to host the first 24-hour news channel in New York, but things take a sudden tumble. It’s been nine years since we last saw Ron Burgundy on our screens and just as 2013 comes to an end he makes his come back. This film has surprised me. Everything I disliked from the first film was recycled, turned upside down and made, well, funny. Bringing back old characters and welcoming new ones this film really did please. In the whole two hours I did not stop laughing, from little giggles to full blown belly laughs this film had it all. But most importantly the story was fantastic. The last film lacked a good strong storyline but the second has corrected that mistake with a great mix of love, comedy and strangely, action.

Anchorman is known for its random over dramatised dry humour, but that’s what makes this comedy so special and we see this all again in the second instalment. The casting was a strong point with the first film and although we have some new characters they didn’t fail to make me laugh. But one thing that shocked everyone in the cinema was the number of cameos, Will Smith, Drake and even Jim Carrey! It seems everyone is a fan of Ron and his magnificent moustache.

But as with all films it’s not perfect, The casting was brilliant, the script was great, but there is the odd flaw. The first film made us laugh with its crazy characters and zany humour, but this film seems to play off the jokes from the previous film more than it should. I found myself knowing the punch line before it was delivered. But don’t let that put you off; it’s great in its own right and for sure one to shake off those winter blues.

One thing I really can’t get over is the epic ending. As much as I didn’t understand it or why it was there, bizarrely, it truly made the film and is one of the strongest reasons you should go and see it! Anchorman 2 is full of twists and turns and has a true and rich story line that many comedy films lack. But it does what it says on the tin and it really does get you laughing.

Go into this film expecting to have your laughter buds tickled and you won’t be disappointed. Rated at 15, with a little bit of bad language it might not be one for the younger kids but it’s a winner to see with your other half. With its great ending and cheesy news reading it’s a real winner. Make sure you catch it while you can at your local Cineworld Ashton Under-Lyne.

review by Fraser Cottrell