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Caring Abigail’s hair-raising stunt
Friday 20th December 2013 @ 10:02 by Lisa B



A little Gamesley girl has become a real life Christmas angel.

Abigail Hardy has had her hair cut off to help a child cancer victim.

And she’s raised £350 for her 10ins long locks to be turned into wig.

“I can always grow my hair again,” Abigail told proud mum Zoe. “The children might not be able to.”

Abigail, 11 on Sunday, has always been big on helping others. She raised cash for the Philippine Disaster Fund by running a shop at her school Gamesley Primary.

Her latest charity fund-raising event took place at the Grindleford Grove school on Friday, when Abigail lost her locks and gained loads of admirers.

The hair-raising stunt happened in the middle of morning assembly, when family friend Julie McGrath snipped off Abigail’s plait while everyone cheered.

Abigail decided to have her hair cut after she heard about the organisation that makes wigs for young cancer sufferers on the internet.

She started looking for sponsors and when all the cash comes rolling in, she will have reach the £350 target.

Zoe admits she has trouble keeping up with her big hearted daughter’s charity aims.

“She’s told me she wants to raise money for flood victims, to buy them food,” her mum said.

Abigail also has plans to do a sky dive in the future for charity.

Zoe added: “When I looked into it, I found that to do it, you had to be 16.”

School head Deborah Meredith praised her pupil’s charity work, just before Abigail’s first big hair cut in years,

“She’s a real star,” she told the Chronicle.

Now little Abigail plans to grow another crop of long hair to help more children.

Zoe added: “She says she will keep on doing it to help even more children. It’s a good job her hair grows quite quickly!”