Tram-train link scepticism
Monday 25th November 2013 @ 16:10 by Mark Phillip

Glossop could be linked to Manchester by a revolutionary train-tram system.

A report outlining proposals for a network of specially-designed vehicles, running on both street tracks and sharing tracks with other trains on railway lines, was approved by Transport for Greater Manchester Committee’s Capital Projects and Policy Sub-Committee.

The Manchester-Glossop link…  is under consideration as part of the potential tramway network.

Such a move would also provide better and more frequent access to the city centre and better connections with other public transport services there and could attract investment into Glossop.

Committee chair, Cllr. Andrew Fender, said: “I am delighted that clear progress has been made with the identification of the potential for tram-train in Greater Manchester.

“Track-sharing between heavy and light rail trains with street-running capability is already well established in continental Europe, especially in Germany.”

Friends of Glossop Station chairman Neil Williams, however is sceptical.

He said: “We feel conventional style trains should be retained on the Glossop Line.

“With the huge numbers using the trains,  longer four coach and more frequent trains would seem to be the logical solution.

“We are also concerned that any tie in with Metrolink would mean loss of staff at booking offices and the withdrawal of being able book to anywhere in the country.

“Closure of ticket offices would negate all the recent improvements to the new ticket office and waiting rooms in Glossop.

“The Glossop Line is already served by clean, comfortable three coach units with seats for 284 passengers.

“At peak times passengers joining from Godley onwards may struggle to get a seat and passenger numbers continue to rise, use of Glossop Station alone totalled 765,364 in 2012.”Tram