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Musician jetting to Florida
Thursday 28th November 2013 @ 13:22 by Max Wieland
TRIP OF A LIFETIME: Aaron, centre, with Brett and members of Iodine Sky.

TRIP OF A LIFETIME: Aaron, centre, with Brett, left and members of Iodine Sky.

A musician’s Christmases have come all at once as he flies out to record with one his all-time musical heroes.

Aaron Ward flies out to Florida today as a part of a whistle-stop tour to record on a song that will feature on Brett Hestla’s debut solo album.

As a youngster growing up, the 26-year old was heavily influenced by Hestla’s music, who has featured in popular American bands such as Creed and Dark New Day, leading to the 26-year-olds heavy passion for music.

The pair have previously met once before when Aarons band – Iodine Sky – recorded two singles under Hestla’s tutelage.

The local band was flown out for the recording session after being spotted by a talent agency in America, rather ironically owned by one of Hestla’s friends.

After being suitably impressed during the sessions last year, Aaron is now being flown out once more, but this time to feature on his idols own

debut solo album.

“I’d love to say that we were really calm and collected when he asked us but it was absolute shock to the system,” he said.

“To go out there and record with one of your favourite musicians is just going to be a really incredible experience.”

The former Mossley Hollins High School and Ashton Sixth Form College student explains that his role on the album is specifically assigned to one song, which he explains is a closely guarded secret.

“My arrival coincides with Thanksgiving which in some way feels appropriate because we are very grateful for this.

“On the song itself I’m going to be featuring vocally, working together with Brett and throwing some ideas down to hopefully make a very strong song to go on the rest of his album.”

Despite the lucky break for Aaron, he admits it wasn’t long ago that he was actually considering quitting music for good, explaining despite his excitement you “never know what is around the corner.”

He told us: “A lot of my friends know me for my passion about music.

“But a lot of them might not know that I almost gave up music for good about two years ago so despite working with one of your musical heroes, you’ve got to take stock of it and act professionally.

“That said, it’s very hard not to be  a screaming fan boy, because it’s so fantastic to meet this guy, it’s going to be so amazing to gain from his experience and generally work with someone who has done this professionally throughout his life.”

And with the album also featuring yet more idols of the 26-year-old’s, such as Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge, who has recently been voted the fourth best heavy guitarist of all-time and Morgan Rose and Clint Lowery of Sevendust to name just a few, Aarons trip surely only gets better.

“To be meeting all these people plus more such as Corey Lowery, Troy McLawhorn and Will Hunt is just amazing,” said Aaron.

“They’re all such world-class musicians that it’s going to be very hard to take in once I’m there.

“I’d like to think that it shows to never give up on your dreams!”

– Iodine Sky will be releasing their second single, aptly titled ‘Summer Song,’ through their ITunes account in December.